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GSWF #2: Introduction to the University

8 min read

This is the second post in my Getting Started with (GSWF) series. If you're a follower of this blog you'll know my background is in Sencha Touch and PhoneGap and I write a lot of articles and tutorials in that area, but when it comes to I'm a complete newbie.

Sencha Touch 2.4 and the New Toast Component

3 min read

While the meaty part of this update is in the added BlackBerry support, we were also given a new feature called toasts. If you've done any development in Java for Android you would probably be familiar with the concept of a toast.

GSWF #3: Positioning & Animations in

6 min read

In the last post we completed the first two lessons at the University. This introduced us to some basics concepts like a renderable and a context and we got to play around with a little bit of code. In this post we will be focusing on the next two lessons.

Could HTML5 Web Apps Mean the End of Native Mobile Apps?

10 min read

From time to time the HTML5 vs Native debate will pop up on sites like Hacker News or Reddit, and most recently I came across a thread about someone who built their app using the Ionic Framework in 2 weeks. Every time this topic does come up there seems to be arguments from everywhere on the spectrum, usually including