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Sencha Touch 2.4 and the New Toast Component

Time 2 mins

While the meaty part of this update is in the added BlackBerry support, we were also given a new feature called toasts. If you've done any development in Java for Android you would probably be familiar with the concept of a toast.

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Top 10 Tools for HTML5 Mobile App Developers

Time 9 mins

This article will summarise the most useful tools and services that I use, some of which I make use of almost every day and others which just solve really annoying problems that pop up every now and then.

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Using the HTML5 Canvas Element in Sencha Touch: Part 1

Time 4 mins

I decided to create a new blog post series where we would step through creating some kind of drawing application in Sencha Touch. I'd like to keep this as fluid as possible and take suggestions as I go, but for now the general approach will be something like this

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