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The GIGANTIC List of Sencha Touch Tutorials & Resources

Originally published November 21, 2014 Time 4 mins

Over the years that I’ve been using Sencha Touch to build mobile applications, I’ve scouring and extracting whatever helpful content I can find on the Internet. As an avid note taker, I’ve saved a lot of stuff that I’ve found particularly helpful over the years and now I’m going to share it all with you.

I’m going to use this post as a directory of links to helpful Sencha Touch tutorials, books, blog and resources. Some written by me, most written by others. I will continually update and build this list over time and I also encourage you to submit links in the comments that you think would make a good addition to this list.

Beginner Level Tutorials

These are tutorials that Sencha Touch beginners should definitely check out as soon as they can.

Advanced Level Tutorials

For the more experienced Sencha Touch developers. These are particularly interesting or useful higher level tutorials.


There’s a few Sencha Touch books and eBooks available now that can really help solidify your learning. These are a few good examples that are worth your time.


Following Sencha bloggers is a great way to keep up with the news and add plenty of tips and tricks to your repertoire.

Other Resources

If you’re a Sencha Touch developer you’ve most certainly come across something that you’ve found particularly interesting, useful or helpful so please do us a favour and leave a link to it in the comments below!

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