Hey, I'm Josh 👋

I'm a Software Engineer from Adelaide, South Australia. I mostly work with JavaScript/TypeScript on the frontend (mostly Angular), but I dabble in all sorts of backend and miscellaneous tech too.

You'll find most of my content on other websites:

I'm constantly releasing new content, and most of it is free. The easiest way to get most of my latest content (including the stuff that isn't made public) is to sign up for the weekly newsletter:

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    It is - as an Aussie might say to highlight something's genuineness - fair dinkum.

    Almost all of the emails I send out contain completely free content related to web development. Usually once or twice a year I will promote my paid content, which in turn pays for all of the free content I create.

    ...if you're interested in learning a little more about me

    I'm a software engineer from Adelaide, Australia. These days I spend most of my work time working with:

    • JavaScript/TypeScript
    • Angular
    • Ionic
    • RxJS
    • Nx
    • SvelteKit

    I have been a full time content creator since 2017. Mostly I make my living by creating premium courses on technologies like Ionic and Angular, and I create a ton of free content around these same topics so that people know I exist, and that I know what I'm talking about.

    I also do a little bit of consulting work. If you're interested in knowing more about that, check out the FAQ below.

    I'm recognised as a Google Developer Expert for Angular, and an Ionic Developer Expert.

    Google Developer Expert for Angular badge Ionic Developer Expert badge

    ...or my life offline

    A disproportionate amount of my life is online, but I do still do some things in the real world too. Most of my spare time these days is spent hanging out with my wife and young son, and when I have the opportunity I spend time on my hobbies.

    Here are some things that I like doing (not that I am necessarily any good at) in no particular order:

    • Gardening
    • Brewing
    • Pixel Art
    • Piano
    • Mathematics
    • Camping
    • Vipassana
    • Running
    • Philosophy
    • Hiking
    • Reading


    Can you share your neovim config?

    This is legitimately the question I get asked most often. Fortunately, my neovim configuration is public so you can check it out here.

    What theme are you using?


    Are you interested in a role at our company?

    I'm always happy for people to get in touch and hear about opportunities, but at least for the foreseeable future I am not looking for any roles

    Are you able to help with a specific project or issue?

    I do, however, have a some time available for small/targeted consulting work. For more detail about this, check out my consulting page.

    Will you have a sale for any of your courses?

    I generally don't run any sales/promotions for my courses except for when they first launch or receive a major update.

    The Archives

    This website used to be where I wrote all my blog posts. This is no longer the case, but there are still around 400 blog posts on this website that have no other home. Some are by now frighteningly outdated, but many are still quite useful!

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    Understanding the Ionic Ecosystem

    Time 9 mins

    In this article, we discuss what exactly Ionic is and how to use it. We cover various aspects of the Ionic ecosystem including other frameworks and the role of StencilJS.

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    Is an Ionic Application Native?

    Time 12 mins

    In this tutorial, we will build a native iOS application with Xcode and then run an Ionic application inside of it. We will then discuss if this makes it a native app.

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