Premium Books

I have written a range of paid books that cover a variety of Ionic topics from the basics of getting started and building applications, to creating your own complex interactions and animations.

All of these books offer a large amount of value and were written with care to ensure a high quality product. Updates are always released for free, even years after the initial launch, and if you are unsatisfied with any book there is a 14-day no questions asked refund policy.

All books are available in PDF, ePub, and mobi formats. I have marked each book with BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED to give an indication of the pre-requisite skill level required.

  • Basic and Advanced Theory
  • 10 Realistic Examples
  • 3 Practical Projects
  • Available for StencilJS, Angular, React
  • All Source Code Included
  • Updates always free

Create next level Ionic applications by harnessing the power of the Ionic Animations API and Gestures

The ability to create impressive, complex, and high performance animations and interactions is now built directly into Ionic itself.

Take your Ionic skills to the next level by taking matters into your own hands and utilising these powerful APIs to design and build your own custom animations and interactions.

Everything we discuss and build in this book is built directly with Ionic itself, no external component libraries or animation packages are ever installed.

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Creating Ionic Applications with StencilJS
  • Beginner to Advanced Theory
  • 3 Practical Example Applications
  • Builds for iOS, Android, PWA
  • All Source Code Included
  • BONUS: 1h 45m Video Course
  • Updates always free

StencilJS takes the best concepts from popular frontend frameworks, but instead generates standards-based Web Components that run in any modern browser and in any frontend framework.


As well as being a powerful tool for generating reuseable web components, StencilJS also provides the tools needed to build an entire application out of web components.

Combined with the Ionic web components (which are built with StencilJS), StencilJS gives us everything we need to build high-quality production mobile applications... no framework required.

Throw Capacitor into the mix, and we can easily create native builds for our web based application for iOS and Android - all from a single codebase.

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Creating Ionic Applications with Angular
  • Expert package ~853 pages
  • In-depth coverage of basics
  • 5 Full Example Applications
  • 2 Premium Ionic Themes
  • Builds for iOS, Android, PWA
  • All Source Code Included
  • BONUS: 1.5 Hour Video Course
  • Updates always free

Ionic will change what you think about mobile apps and the future of the web forever

- Max Lynch

Ionic uses cutting edge web tech to create quality mobile user interface components that work on the web, in native applications, and even on desktop.

Combined with Angular, a JavaScript framework that is heavily optimised for mobile, you can create high performance applications that run everywhere with one codebase.

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