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Web Animation API with Ionic

High Performance Animations in Ionic

It is a common misconception that web-based mobile applications like those built with Ionic are not capable of creating performant animations. The fact that an application built with Ionic runs inside of a browser does make it harder to create performant animations, but if you are aware of some common pitfalls when it comes to […]

Virtual Scroll in Ionic 2

Boosting Scroll Performance in Ionic 2

Scrolling is one of the most common interactions with a mobile application, and it is extremely important that it feels right. Native applications have lists that scroll smoothly, they are responsive to touch and changes of directions, they accelerate and decelerate in a way that feels natural. It’s important that we can capture this same […]

Cross Origin Resource Sharing

Dealing with CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) in Ionic Applications

Almost everybody who is developing Ionic applications will at some point or another run into a fun little error that looks something like this: The Access-Control-Allow-Origin error you see here is the result of the browser’s implementation of CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing). This is an exceedingly common error, but it is also something that is […]

Ionic 4 Migration Guide

The Ionic 4 Migration Survival Guide

The Ionic Framework 4.0.0 Beta is officially available! Make sure to check out the official documentation, but I’ve also got a whole lot of content for you to check out below as well. Although the alpha has technically been available for some time now for those who wanted to jump on board early, the official […]

Custom SVG Icons in Ionic with Ionicons

Like the rest of Ionic in Ionic 4, Ionicons has recently received the web components treatment. If you’ve used Ionic in the past, then you have likely used Ionicons which provides all of Ionic’s icons. Adding a range of well-designed and platform consistent icons is as simple as dropping the following into your project: Ionicons […]

Ionic Logo White

Ionic Framework Is Fast (But Your Code Might Not Be)

I don’t want this article to come across as a self-righteous rant, or that I’m attacking people who have made statements like the ones I will use as examples in this article. The last thing I want to do is sound elitist or fan the flames of framework wars. So, I will precede this article […]

Chrome DevTools Logo

Debugging CSS in Ionic: Tips & Tricks

The browser debugging tools are endlessly useful for helping to build your Ionic applications, and debug any issues you come across. In this article, I am going to discuss a few of the tools and techniques I use to help debug CSS issues in my Ionic application. As well as using these tools to help […]

Ionic in Other Frameworks

Using Ionic with Any Framework (or None at All)

Last week, I released an article that discussed Stencil and the impact that it will have on the Ionic framework. The key point is that Stencil is being used to rebuild all of Ionic’s components as web components, which will remove Ionic’s dependence on Angular. This does not mean that Ionic is moving away from […]

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Advanced Guide to the Ionic Framework

Once you’ve got the basics of Ionic down then all you have left to learn is… everything else. It’s hard to clearly define where your time would be best spent once you are past the basics – there’s not much point in slogging through tutorial after tutorial implementing different kinds of components and plugins. Once […]