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Ionic 2 with Mike Hartington – HTML5 Mobile Podcast Episode 02

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Originally published November 09, 2015

A lot of people seemed to enjoy the last podcast with Andrew McGivery so I've decided to keep going with these podcasts. This is still new to me and I'm still improving (like the fancy new timeline I have below for this episode) so keep the feedback coming and I'll take your suggestions on board.

In this episode I had the chance to have a chat with Mike Hartington from the Ionic team about all things Ionic 2, and he does a great job at clearing up a lot of potentially confusing concepts around not just Ionic 2, but the associated tech like ES6 and TypeScript as well.

I realise the podcasts have been a little Ionic heavy, which probably suits most of my audience, but I do want this podcast to be about HTML5 mobile development in general so I'll be trying to increase the scope a bit in future episodes. As I've mentioned though, there will likely always be a slight Ionic / Phaser bias since those are the frameworks I use the most!

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Music by DST: <dreade.com/nosoap/>


HTML5 News in Brief

00:35 Introduction

00:50 Ionic 2 released Ionic 2 Announcement | Get started with Ionic 2 | Build a Todo App with Ionic 2

02:46 Ionic Package Service

05:47 Google indexing iOS9 apps

07:13 300ms Tap Delay removed from WebKit

10:07 Interphase 2 by Richard Davey

11:00 Are you interested in more game development content?

Interview with Mike Hartington

12:00 Introduction

13:20 What is Ionic 2?

14:34 New things in Ionic 2

18:15 Native plugin support in Ionic 2 and ngCordova

20:59 What are ES6 & TypeScript?

28:30 What is Webpack?

31:15 What will new Ionic 2 developers struggle with?

34:07 Angular 2 syntax / what the heck is '*'??

38:20 Ionic 2 beta release date?

40:05 John Papa's guide for how to structure an Angular app

40:20 TypeScript Tutorials by Mike Hartington

41:00 Should everyone switch to Ionic 2?

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