I’m an Ionic, Phaser, Sencha Touch and PhoneGap / Cordova developer - I’ve been teaching developers these technologies for years and now offer consulting services to help you or your development team. You can find out more about me or if you would like to discuss if any of these packages are right for you please contact me.

NOTE: I am currently only taking on small and specific consulting work. Please contact me before purchasing a package.

You have an entire year to use up the hours from any consulting package that you buy. Smaller packages are best used to provide guidance and quick answers to individual developers over a long period of time, or to review code. Larger packages are suitable for individuals or teams who want a larger amount of support and a more hands on approach - it is up to you to decide how to use these hours whether it be ongoing support, code reviews or refactoring.

David Izatt David Izatt
We engaged Josh as the subject matter expert for the mobile portion of our project with the intention to create a more effective team by offloading some of the more complex aspects of our work. I am happy to say that our expectations were met and exceeded. From the start, Josh's experience and easy going manner made it easy for us to include him as a team member in our software engineering process. His knowledge and enthusiasm turned what would be schedule blocking issues, into easily manageable tasks with a quick turnaround. Easily the most bang for the buck! In short - hire Josh. Your engineers, customers, and budget will thank you. - David Izatt, Software Architect, Essenti Technologies

I currently only offer support via email. Since I still have other commitments, it’s much more efficient for me to sit down and work through all my consulting emails at once. Organising Skype calls, live chats and screen shares, unfortunately, takes up too much time (especially since I live in Australia).

Basic Support (1 hour) - $79

Basic Support Package

Basically, we’ll become email buddies. If you’re stuck with something or need some advice you can send me an email and I’ll usually get back to you within 24 hours (and let’s face it, I’m on the computer almost all the time so most of the time you’ll get a response a lot sooner). This is great for quick questions and guidance.

I’m pretty lenient with the time I spend getting back to people, so I’m not going to cut you off as soon as you’ve accumulated an hours worth of help, but you will need to repurchase this package eventually for continued help.

Premium Support (3 hours) - $249

Premium Support Package

We’ll still be email buddies but with this package, I can be a little more hands on. I’d be happy to code up simple solutions for you or take a look at and debug code that you write.

Enterprise Support (10 hours) - $699

- Not currently available

Enterprise Support Package

This is more or less the same idea as the previous package, just on a larger scale. I'll be able to code more complex solutions and even create simple prototype applications for you, as well supporting you or your development team. At this level, I can start jumping in on your Git repositories and contribute code.

Bernhard Keller Bernhard Keller
Thank you for your great support. I appreciate the quality and speed of your answers. It is difficult to find solutions to some questions while developing mobile apps and your support made my life easier.


Please note that unused consulting hours are not refundable (i.e. if you only want to use 8 out of 10 available hours, you can not receive a refund for the remaining two hours). Once work has commenced consulting packages are not refundable, however if you decide that the services aren't for you before commencing work I will happily provide a full refund.

Priority Support

I still offer free support to everybody who reads my blog, but it is often the case now that I don't have time to respond to everybody. If you purchase a support package you can continue to ask me simple questions via email even after your guaranteed support hours have been used up and I will answer your questions before anybody who does not have priority support. I strive to answer as many of these queries as possible, but there is no guarantee that you will receive a response.

None of these packages suit your needs?

After a bigger package? I'm not really taking on larger projects at the moment, the main reason for this service is because I get a lot of requests for help and this helps manage that. However, do feel free to get in touch and let me know what you're after.

Looking for a cheaper option?

If you're reasonably new to Ionic, Phaser, Sencha Touch or PhoneGap then you might find more value in one of my detailed books or courses.