Uploading a Production PWA with Ionic


In a recent tutorial, I covered how to create a Progressive Web application with Ionic using the “bare minimum” steps. PWAs are an in-depth topic, but that tutorial covers the minimum steps required to create something that would be considered a PWA.

In this video tutorial, I wanted to cover the steps you need to take after setting up your PWA in order to make it available on the web.

Here’s the video:

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  • Surjan

    Thanks for nice article .. it saved my day..

  • Thanks Josh –
    On my PC, I can only access the PWA app off-line in my Chrome Developers console, not in my normal browser.

    • It will only be available offline in browsers that support service workers: and you will only be able to access it offline if you have previously accessed the site in that specific browser before whilst online, which will allow the service worker to be set up.