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Passing Data Between Pages in Ionic 2

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Originally published January 03, 2017

When building an application that has more than a few pages, there's a good chance that those pages won't be working in isolation. You may want to send data from one page to the next, send data back to the last page, or even access some data from one page in an entirely different area of your application.

In this video tutorial, we will walk through four methods you can use in Ionic 2 to share data between pages in your application.

Here's the video:

Video Notes

  • You can use the NavController and NavParams to send data to pages that you push

  • You can use Modals to send data back to the page that launched the modal

  • You can create a provider to share data with any page in your application

  • You can use Events to broadcast events that contain data across your application and listen for them anywhere in your application with subscribe.

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