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Announcement: Sencha Touch and PhoneGap Consulting Services

Originally published February 12, 2015 Time 3 mins

Over the years I’ve helped many mobile developers with the tutorials I write for this blog, and with my various eBooks. As my audience grows, a growing number of people are emailing me to ask for advice or for help with a problem they are having. I _love _this and I don’t want it to change – I want you to keep emailing me and I want to keep helping you as best as I can.

Introducing: Consulting Packages

It has got to the point where I can’t respond to everybody as I can’t afford to spend the time necessary to answer all the questions that get sent my way. This is why I have officially started offering consulting packages which will allow people to receive guaranteed support and priority email support as well as a few other bonuses. This does not mean I will no longer respond to free requests for help. I will still continue responding to emails free of charge as best as I can, but I may not always be able to respond to all of them. The consulting packages provide a way for people who need a guaranteed and timely response to receive my support. It also allows me to provide more hands on support like taking a look at your actual code base instead of just quick advice.

What can I use a consulting package for?

The consulting packages can be used for help with anything that I have expertise in, primarily that is Sencha Touch and PhoneGap.

The amount of hours of my time you will receive depends on the package you buy. Smaller packages are more useful when used for:

  • Lots of quick questions to support your development and progress
  • General advice on how to approach projects
  • Quick code reviews or bug solving

The larger packages can also be useful for:

  • Lots of simple and complex questions
  • In depth planning for an application
  • Code reviews
  • Refactoring of code
  • Tracking down bugs and potential performance increases

I can even develop your entire application for you if it can be done within the time available.

How much does it cost?

Consulting packages currently come in three different price tiers:

  • Basic Package: $99
  • Premium Package: $449
  • Enterprise Package: $1247

For details on each of these packages please visit the consulting services page. If you would like to discuss a custom package, please contact me.

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