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3 Sencha Touch Blogs You Should Follow

Originally published January 22, 2014 Time 4 mins

If you’ve been searching around for Sencha Touch content on the Internet you’ve likely found some good stuff, but there is not an over abundance of it out there and some of the content contains misinformation or teaches bad practices. If you’re looking for PHP or Ruby information you’ll find more than you could possibly read and about 100 tutorials on the same topic. If you want some help with a Sencha Touch application though, you’ll usually have to look a little harder. In this blog post I’m going to cover three of my favourite ST bloggers, these are all people who put out quality blog posts worth reading.

Mitchell Simoens

mitchellsimoensA titan over on the Sencha Touch forums and a fountain of knowledge on the topic. Mitch works with the Sencha team and contributes code, articles and forum posts on a regular basis. He’s one of the most active bloggers I’ve found and his archives date all the way back to 2011. His blog contains a lot of in depth discussion on Sencha products and JavaScript. These posts might not be the best suited to beginners, but offer some very interesting insight. Aside from his blog posts, it’s also worth checking out his posts on the forums – if you’re looking for some beginner – intermediate level stuff you can check out his responses in the Q&A forum.

Swarnendu De

swarnenduSwarnendu is the co-founder of Innofied a mobile application development company who specialise in creating Sencha Touch applications. He blogs on the companies blog as well as his own and also writes for Tuts+. These posts are generally more tutorial focused, and most will walk you through implementing certain functionality or demonstrating something he has created. My personal favourite is ’Slide Navigation with Sencha Touch’ and a great article for picking up some good coding habits is ’Sencha Touch coding guidelines you should follow: Part 1’ (Swarnendu if you’re reading this, please continue this series!). As an aside, he has also authored a book on Backbone.js called Backbone.js Patterns and Best Practices.

Update: Swarnendu got in touch and said he plans on continuing the Sencha Touch best practices series very shortly, so keep a look out!

Phil Merrell

philPhil has not been blogging for as long as Mitch or Swarnendu, but he’s making his mark. In the past several months he has released 5 quality blog posts, again more in the style of tutorials. He’s been around a lot longer than that though, using Sencha Touch almost exclusively since 2012. His post on creating draggable components in Sencha Touch is awesome and highlights the cool stuff Sencha Touch is capable of. He’s also an avid musician, so if you like a little music to spice up your coding blog posts Phil’s blog is the place to head. I look forward to more posts from him in the future!

I respect all of the work these guys do and sought them out to contribute an interview to the eBook I’m currently writing and all of them graciously accepted. If you want to find out more about my eBook you can check it out here. I’ll likely do some more of these types of posts in the future, but if there’s any blogs in particular that you like feel free to post them in the comments section below!

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