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Custom Components in Ionic 2

Custom Components in Ionic 2

The Ionic 2 library provides a wide range of default components – likes lists, segments, and cards – that can easily be added to your applications, but sometimes it is useful to build your own custom components. Building your own custom component isn’t all that different from building a normal page in Ionic 2 (they […]

JSON in Ionic 2

Loading Remote JSON Data with HTTP in Ionic 2

Often, we will need to load some data into our applications. One common way to do this is to load a JSON (Javascript Object Notation) string from some source, and convert that into a Javascript Object that we can view and manipulate in our application. In this video tutorial, I walk through how to use […]

Saving Data in Ionic 2

A Simple Guide to Saving Data in Ionic 2

Many applications require the ability to save data in some manner so that a user can perform some actions in the application, close the application, and have the application remember the user’s input from the last time they opened the application. By default, anything you do within your application is just going to be lost […]

Sharing Data Between Pages in Ionic 2

Passing Data Between Pages in Ionic 2

When building an application that has more than a few pages, there’s a good chance that those pages won’t be working in isolation. You may want to send data from one page to the next, send data back to the last page, or even access some data from one page in an entirely different area […]

Grid Component in Ionic 2

An Overview of the Grid Component in Ionic 2

Ionic 2 makes it super easy to create beautiful looking layouts. Most of the time you can just drop in the component you want to use and be on your way. Sometimes, you will need to create more complicated layouts, though. Perhaps rather than a simple list, you want a list with three horizontal boxes […]

Ionic 2 Side Menu Highlighting

Create a Menu with Active Page Highlight in Ionic 2

A sliding side menu is one of the most commonly used navigation patterns in mobile applications, and it is baked into Ionic by default. In this video tutorial we will quickly walk through the basics of how the side menu works, and then we will build some functionality that will allow us to highlight the […]

Conditional Attributes, Styles, and Classes in Ionic 2

Conditional Attributes, Styles, and Classes in Ionic 2

When using Ionic 2, there are a bunch of CSS Utility Attributes that we can use to style elements in our application. We can also, of course, add normal styles and classes to elements as well. There will often be times where we want to apply this styling conditionally. Perhaps you want to add the […]

Property Binding and Event Binding in Ionic 2

Component and Template Interaction in Ionic 2

Each page in an Ionic 2 application is a component, and every component has a class definition in a TypeScript file, and an HTML template. The class and the template have a very important relationship and need to be able to communicate effectively. In this video tutorial, I introduce the concepts of Property Binding, Event […]

Hacking CSS in Ionic 2

When styling Ionic 2 applications, there are several different methods available to you. You can use Ionic’s built in utility attributes, you can overwrite SASS variables or create your own, and you can also define your own custom CSS rules. It can be hard to understand what to use and when, though. In this video […]

Map, Filter, and Reduce in Ionic 2

Filtering, Mapping, and Reducing Arrays in Ionic 2

We often work with arrays of data in Ionic 2 applications – sometimes some data we have defined locally, sometimes data we may be loading in from some external source – and at some point, we may want to modify that data in some way. If you have an array of products, you may want […]

Ionic 2 Asynchronous Login

Creating an Asynchronous Login Screen in Ionic 2

If you add a login screen to your application, then there is a good chance that you will also implement some functionality that allows you to remember users who have logged in previously. It’s pretty annoying to have to enter in your credentials every time you use an application. Instead, it is preferable to send […]

Git and Ionic 2

How to Use Git with Ionic 2 Projects

Git is an essential tool for developers, but it can be a bit intimidating at first. It has massive benefits even if you are just working by yourself, but once you start working in a team environment it becomes an absolute essential. In short, using Git will allow you to: Create an online backup of […]