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Ionic 2 Beta

7 Reasons Why Ionic 2 Is Better Than Ionic 1

When Ionic 2 was first released I was excited about it, but I also shared the thoughts of many Ionic 1 developers which would be something along the lines of: “Oh man, I was just getting comfortable with Ionic 1 and now I have to learn another framework?”. It comes with the territory that we […]


Why Do HTML5 Mobile Apps Have a Bad Reputation?

Hybrid HTML5 mobile apps seem to get a bit of a bad rap, it’s not really justified though. If you speak to most native mobile app developers they will tell you that hybrid applications are: Only good for building quick prototypes Slower and less performant than native applications Not real mobile apps It’s not always […]

Top 10 Tools

Top 10 Tools for HTML5 Mobile App Developers

I recently published a post on the lessons I learned from 3 years of HTML5 mobile app development, and during that time I’ve also discovered many tools and services that have helped me throughout various phases of the development process. There’s a few tools in here that are specific to iOS development on a Windows […]

Sencha Gravestone

Does EXT JS 6 Mean the End of Sencha Touch for Single Developers?

There’s been uncertainty over the future of Sencha Touch recently, and outrage from developers¬†at recent licensing changes for EXT JS. During SenchaCon this April, EXT JS 6 was announced which will unify both EXT JS and Touch under a single framework and license… the EXT JS license (if you don’t know why that is bad […]

7 Lessons Header

7 Lessons from 3 Years of HTML5 Mobile Application Development

I built my first mobile application in 2012 using the Sencha Touch framework and PhoneGap Build. Since then mobile applications have become my full time focus, and I have experimented with a few different frameworks like Famo.us, Phaser and more recently Ionic. I’ve been building HTML5 mobile applications for around three years now, and am […]

Windows + Apple

The Challenges of Developing iOS Applications on a PC

Think iOS applications can only be created on a Mac? Well I’m pleased to inform you that you are mistaken! In fact I’ve been building iOS applications on a Windows machine exclusively for more than two years. It’s quite achievable but it’s not without its challenges, in this article I summarise some of the challenges […]