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Web Animation API with Ionic

High Performance Animations in Ionic

It is a common misconception that web-based mobile applications like those built with Ionic are not capable of creating performant animations. The fact that an application built with Ionic runs inside of a browser does make it harder to create performant animations, but if you are aware of some common pitfalls when it comes to […]

Clip Paths in Ionic

Bulk Delete UI with CSS Clip-Path in Ionic

I was browsing around Twitter the other day when I came across a tweet from Rachel Nabors (who you should definitely follow for cool web animation stuff) linking to this cool CSS clip-path maker. It allows you to switch between a bunch of different pre-defined clip-paths and apply them to an image. The general concept […]

Atlas Animations

How to Create Animations in Phaser with a Texture Atlas

In a previous tutorial I’ve shown you how to create an animated sprite with a spritesheet in Phaser. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to use something called a texture atlas instead. Here’s an animation I created recently for a game I’m building using a texture atlas: I’m going to jump right […]

CSS Animations

How to Create Animations with CSS in Ionic 1.x

Animations are one of the little details that can make an average mobile app outstanding. You need to be careful with animations though, especially with HTML5 based mobile applications, as they can perform poorly if not done correctly and make your appear amateurish. I’ve touched on this subject before when discussing how to make high […]