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Animate with Ionic 2

Using the Web Animations API in Ionic 2

Animations can be the element that sets an outstanding application apart from an average one, but overdone or poor performing animations can degrade the quality of an application. They can greatly improve user experience, or just make things harder for the user. In the web vs native debate, I give little credence to the blanket […]

Advanced Forms in Ionic

Advanced Forms & Validation in Ionic 2 & 3

You may be familiar with using [(ngModel)] to set up two way data binding between inputs in your templates, and variables in your class definition. For example you might have an input field like this: and then in your class definition you could access that value through: In this tutorial we are going to look […]

Unit Testing in Ionic

How to Unit Test an Ionic 2 Application

Everybody (hopefully) tests their applications in some manner before submitting them to the app stores, and for a lot of people, this will include playing around with the app and trying it on different devices. That alone is a poor and inefficient testing process, however. Unit testing, on the other hand, is a very efficient […]

Difference between Angular 2 and Ionic 2

Using Angular 2 without Ionic 2: Part 1

Angular 2 without Ionic 2 is… just Angular 2. So what’s the point of this post? There’s plenty of getting started with Angular 2 tutorials out there, including this simple one on the Angular website. However, I wanted to create a small series of tutorials on using Angular 2 without Ionic for Ionic developers. Many […]

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Why I Released an Ionic 2 & Angular 2 Application

In my most recent podcast, I had a chat to Mike Hartington from the Ionic team about Ionic 2 – in that chat he confirmed that for now you should stick to building applications with Ionic 1. Ionic 2 is still in alpha and, with an undetermined 2016 release date for a stable version, likely […]

Angular 2 Ionic 2

Ionic First Look Series: Angular Concepts & Syntax

With the introduction of the new versions of the Ionic framework, and the Angular framework that it is built on top of, we are able to make apps that perform better on mobile, adhere to the latest web standards, are scalable, reusable, modular, and so on. As always, we continue to use the web tech […]

Angular 2 Ionic 2

What Impact Will AngularJS 2.0 Have on Ionic 1.x?

After a long, long time and about five seasons I have started watching the ever popular Game of Thrones. I can finally jump on the bandwagon and make my own poor attempt at rehashing a tired old meme: AngularJS 2.0, which will likely be released within a year, will involve massive changes to the existing […]