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JWT Authentication

Adding JWT Authentication to an Ionic Application with MongoDB and NestJS

Many Ionic applications will require the concept of an authenticated user who is authorised to perform certain actions – perhaps only authenticated users may access your application at all, or perhaps you want to restrict certain types of functionality in your application to certain types of users. There are many different options that can be […]


When to Use Services/Providers/Injectables in Ionic & Angular

Services, which we might also refer to as providers or injectables, are a commonly used pattern in Ionic/Angular development. Services allow us to: Make methods/data available to multiple pages/components throughout our application Perform complex logic or interface with external APIs/Services Share a single instance of the service throughout the application, allowing for communication between pages/components […]

Capacitor Workflow

Capacitor Workflow in an Ionic Application

Capacitor was built as an alternative to Cordova, and although much is similar in terms of its methodology, the workflow and commands you will use in a Capacitor application will look quite different to Cordova. In this tutorial, we start out with a simple Ionic application and walk through how to integrate Capacitor and how […]

Cross Origin Resource Sharing

Dealing with CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) in Ionic Applications

Almost everybody who is developing Ionic applications will at some point or another run into a fun little error that looks something like this: The Access-Control-Allow-Origin error you see here is the result of the browser’s implementation of CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing). This is an exceedingly common error, but it is also something that is […]

Shadow DOM in Ionic

Styling a Shadow DOM in Ionic 4

Since the release of Ionic 4, many of Ionic’s components now make use of a Shadow DOM. I’ve written about what exactly this means in another article, but the basic idea is that a Shadow DOM provides a component with its own isolated world to operate it – free from interference from the parent document. […]

Ionic 4 Project Structure

Anatomy of an Ionic 4 Project

A long time ago I recorded a video that covered the “anatomy” of an Ionic project, and now I have recorded a video in the same style to cover the anatomy of an Ionic 4 and Angular project. An intimidating number of files and folders are generated when you create a new Ionic project – […]