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Photo Tilt in Ionic 2

Create an Advanced Photo Tilt Component in Ionic 2

Anybody remember Facebook Paper? It was somewhat of a re-imagining of the current Facebook experience into a more news focused format. Despite being quite well-received, it failed to gain traction and eventually shut down. When Facebook Paper was announced, they introduced this new UI concept that was built into the application: Changing the orientation of […]

Getting MEAN with Ionic 2

Building a Review App with Ionic 2, MongoDB & Node

Throughout your adventures in web and mobile development, you may have heard of the MEAN stack, which (aside from sounding pretty badass) stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js. All of these technologies work together to allow you to create an application with a frontend and a backend. In this tutorial we will be creating […]

Unit Testing in Ionic

How to Unit Test an Ionic 2 Application

Everybody (hopefully) tests their applications in some manner before submitting them to the app stores, and for a lot of people, this will include playing around with the app and trying it on different devices. That alone is a poor and inefficient testing process, however. Unit testing, on the other hand, is a very efficient […]


Syncing Data with PouchDB and Cloudant in Ionic 2

In previous articles I’ve broadly covered some local storage options for HTML5 mobile applications and more recently backend options for HTML5 mobile applications. Now I’m going to get a little more specific and cover a real world example of how to use PouchDB with Ionic 2, which encompasses both local storage and remote data storage. […]