Learning the basics of any technology is one thing, becoming truly proficient with it is something entirely different.

Once you install Ionic on your machine for the first time, and spend some time reading the documentation and a few tutorials, it won't be too long before you can start putting your first simple application together. Depending on the skill set you began with, maybe it takes a couple of months before you feel reasonably comfortable building most types of applications.

The beauty of Ionic is that it does allow people to build decent applications with relatively little effort, and without a lot of experience. This can be a blessing and a curse. In the same way that Ionic enables people to build applications, it also enables people to build applications without having a solid understanding of the underlying concepts required to create great applications.

This is not a bad thing, I think it is fantastic that Ionic opens up the playing field to so many more developers. But, Ionic is not a silver bullet. In a majority of circumstances, an Ionic application can be indistinguishable from a native application - but not without a deep understanding of the technologies you are working with.

The problem is that getting past the basics and into more advanced concepts can be quite difficult, and there's little guidance, so a lot of mobile applications are being built with Ionic at this "bare minimum" level.

I'm sure you've seen one of those "road to success" type of drawings at some point - I think the path to learning Ionic looks similar to those...

Path to Great Apps

You can get to that first Decent Apps sign marker without too much trouble and sit there quite comfortably building applications. It's reasonable that you might not even know there are these more advanced concepts that could help you make Great Apps - you don't know what you don't know.

There's plenty of support available in the beginning from the documentation, forum posts, blog posts, screen casts and plenty of other useful content. Once you're past the basics, though, educational content to help you progress becomes much harder to find. This kind of content is harder to create, it reaches a smaller audience, and there are just less people who have experience with these more advanced concepts.

That's what this course aims to do: to help fill that gap in advanced content for Ionic developers. I couldn't quite fit every concept that the course aims to cover into my silly little picture, but we will be covering all of those concepts between Decent Apps and Great Apps. I would never be able to create a course that contains everything you need to know to build great Ionic applications - there's no real "end" to this stuff - but I can arm you with the most valuable lessons that I have learned over the years.

About the Course

Once you have purchased the course and log in, you will have access to all the modules available in the course. Each module focuses on a specific topic and is made up of a series of lessons which are a mixture of written content, code, and video tutorials.

The key focus of the course is content that will enable you to build complex, well tested, high performing, beautiful, and useable mobile applications.

You can view the details of exactly what is in each module below.