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Posts which focus on more of a ‘how to’ or tutorial style.


Making App Store Preview Videos on Windows and Mac

Mobile App Stores now allow you to submit a video of your application in action along with the screenshots that are displayed. This can be a great way to demonstrate what your application can do to potential downloaders, especially for games or particularly complicated apps. If you’re developing HTML5 applications for iOS on a Windows computer […]


Building HTML5 Games for Mobile with Cocoon JS

HTML5 game frameworks like Phaser provide an exciting new opportunity. The types of games that we can create with JavaScript now, we would have never imagined would be run through a browser. Although we can run these games easily on a device simply by hosting it on the Internet and visiting the web page, often […]

Sencha Touch 2.4 and the New Toast Component

The introduction of Sencha Touch 2.4.0 didn’t exactly bring a ton of exciting new features (unless you’re developing for BlackBerry of course). You can take a look at the complete release notes, which details changes to BlackBerry support that have been made as well as some bug fixes. While the meaty part of this update […]

Video Tutorial: How to Set up PhoneGap Build in Sencha Touch

In this video tutorial we take a look at how to set up your application for PhoneGap Build. Although this specifically focuses on Sencha Touch, this is easily adaptable to any other HTML5 mobile framework (it’s pretty simple!). Enjoy! UPDATE: The way in which you should include PhoneGap Build in your Sencha Touch projects has changed. […]