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Sencha Touch is one of the most powerful HTML5 mobile frameworks available. It uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create native-like mobile applications, and with the help of PhoneGap these applications can even be submitted to native app stores. Here you will find all of my Sencha Touch tutorials – the most popular ones are listed first and a feed of the latest posts and tutorials on Sencha Touch follows. You may also find my Beginners Guide to Sencha Touch eBook useful if you are getting started with Sencha Touch, or Build a Sencha Touch Login System if you’re looking for something a little more advanced.

Sencha Touch Login System

Part 1: Setting up the Database and API
Part 2: Creating the Application Screens
Part 3: Creating the User Model and API
Part 4: Finishing off the Logic

Creating a Drawing Application in Sencha Touch

Using the HTML5 Canvas Element in Sencha Touch: Part 1
Using the HTML5 Canvas Element in Sencha Touch: Part 2
Using the HTML5 Canvas Element in Sencha Touch: Part 3
Using the HTML5 Canvas Element in Sencha Touch: Part 4

Using Google Maps in Sencha Touch

Integrating the Google Maps API into a Sencha Touch Application
How to Use the Google Places API in a Sencha Touch Application
Dynamically Loading Google Maps Based on Internet Connection Availability

Sencha Touch Resources

The GIGANTIC List of Sencha Touch Tutorials & Resources

App Store Packaging

Using Sencha Touch with PhoneGap Build
How to Create an iOS Provisioning Profile and P12 with Windows

Other Sencha Touch Tutorials

Complex Layout Header

How to Create Complex Layouts with Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch has a powerful and adaptable layout system, but it’s also quite simple to use (if not a bit confusing at first). This tutorial will focus on explaining a little bit about how the Sencha Touch layout system works and then we will walk through building a specific complex layout. 1. A Quick Introduction to […]

Sencha Touch 2.4 and the New Toast Component

The introduction of Sencha Touch 2.4.0 didn’t exactly bring a ton of exciting new features (unless you’re developing for BlackBerry of course). You can take a look at the complete release notes, which details changes to BlackBerry support that have been made as well as some bug fixes. While the meaty part of this update […]

7 Important Tips for Sencha Touch Beginners

If you’re just getting started with Sencha Touch there’s a lot of stumbling blocks you can run into, and a lot of things that seem really confusing make a lot of sense once they’ve been explained. I had my fair share of mistakes and difficulties when I started using Sencha Touch two years ago, so […]