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PhoneGap is the best of friend of just about any HTML5 mobile framework. In short, PhoneGap allows a HTML5 mobile application to access native device API’s like the camera, vibration and GPS. It wraps the HTML5 application in a native wrapper which allows it to be submitted to app stores and installed on devices just like any other native application. For a more in depth introduction you should take a look at this post, or grab my free PhoneGap Build eBook (there’s a subtle difference between PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build which you will learn all about).

I’ve included my most popular PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build tutorials first, and you can find a list of all other tutorials after that, enjoy!

Using PhoneGap Plugins
The 15 Most Popular PhoneGap Build Plugins
How to Scan QR Codes with Sencha Touch and PhoneGap
Background Geolocation with Phonegap Build
Setting up the Pushwoosh Plugin with PhoneGap Build
How to Create iOS In App Purchases with PhoneGap Build
How to Integrate Game Center into a PhoneGap Build App
Monetizing Your PhoneGap Build App with AdMob

App Store Packaging
How to Create an iOS Provisioning Profile and P12 with Windows
Dealing with Splash Screens in a PhoneGap Build Application

Other PhoneGap Tutorials

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How to Create iOS In App Purchases with PhoneGap Build

One of the most common ways to monetise a mobile application is to offer In App Purchases. An In App Purchase is something the user buys within your application after already having downloaded it. Typically an app that utilises In App Purchases will be free to download, and the user will be charged for premium […]

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The 15 Most Popular PhoneGap Build Plugins

Plugins for PhoneGap are endlessly useful, there’s so many available now that there really is a plugin for just about everything. Recently I added a list of some of the newer plugins that made it to the PhoneGap Build plugin repository, now we’re going to look at the most popular of all time. Each plugin […]

9 Exciting New PhoneGap Build Plugins

One of the downsides of using PhoneGap Build over a local PhoneGap installation is that you lose a little bit of control. This is most noticeable when it comes to plugins, as you will only be able to be install plugins that have been submitted to and approved by the PhoneGap Build team. New to […]

Freebie! Learn to Use PhoneGap Build with This eBook

If you’re interested in learning how to use PhoneGap Build with your HTML5 mobile applications then you’re in luck! I’ve just released a 56 page guide on getting started with PhoneGap Build called: PhoneGap Build QuickStart Guide All you have to do to grab your copy is put your email address in the box at the […]

Genuitec Release EPIC Debugger ‘GapDebug’ for PhoneGap Apps

Fulfilling my daily quota of procrastination I happened upon a new discussion in the PhoneGap LinkedIn group (go ahead and join it if you haven’t already). Jason O’Keefe, Senior Marketing Manager at Genuitec, announced the release of GapDebug – “an always free debugger – for hybrid mobile apps designed on top of the Cordova/PhoneGap SDK”. […]