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Why Do HTML5 Mobile Apps Have a Bad Reputation?

Hybrid HTML5 mobile apps seem to get a bit of a bad rap, it’s not really justified though. If you speak to most native mobile app developers they will tell you that hybrid applications are: Only good for building quick prototypes Slower and less performant than native applications Not real mobile apps It’s not always […]


Making App Store Preview Videos on Windows and Mac

Mobile App Stores now allow you to submit a video of your application in action along with the screenshots that are displayed. This can be a great way to demonstrate what your application can do to potential downloaders, especially for games or particularly complicated apps. If you’re developing HTML5 applications for iOS on a Windows computer […]

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The Challenges of Developing iOS Applications on a PC

Think iOS applications can only be created on a Mac? Well I’m pleased to inform you that you are mistaken! In fact I’ve been building iOS applications on a Windows machine exclusively for more than two years. It’s quite achievable but it’s not without its challenges, in this article I summarise some of the challenges […] Release Slammed by Disappointed Developers

Update: I’ve started a ‘Getting Started with‘ series where we learn the framework together. has been hyped as a revolutionary new HTML5 framework in the mobile web scene. With their custom built JavaScript 3D rendering and physics engine, founder Steve Newcomb claimed we would see native level performance from mobile applications built with […]

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10 Tools & Services I Use to Promote Mobile Applications

There’s a lot of ‘stuff’ that goes on around building mobile applications that doesn’t involve building the application itself. One important stage is the release and promotion of your application. I’ve found by now I have a pretty well defined process that I follow for new projects and there’s a lot of tools or services […]

Submitting a HTML5 Application to the Amazon Appstore

After Amazon’s recent announcement that they will now accept paid HTML5 applications in their appstore, having never submitted an app to the Amazon store myself I thought I would give it a try and detail the process here. Applications submitted to the store do not have to be ones created with a HTML5 framework like […]

Amazon Now Allows HTML5 Apps to Be Sold in Their App Store

In a big step forward for web based HTML5 mobile applications, Amazon has just announced that they will allow developers to charge for HTML5 applications on the Amazon Appstore. This is certainly good news for any Sencha Touch developers out there! Previously Amazon did offer the ability to host web applications in the Appstore but […]

What’s the Difference between Native, Hybrid and Web Mobile App Development?

In general, all mobile applications could be classified as being either web, hybrid, or native applications. Web applications utilise purely web code such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, native applications utilise the native SDK of their specific platform, and hybrid applications are somewhere in between those two. At the Web Afternoon conference in 2013, Nathan […]