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Ionic and Wordpress

Is Ionic the WordPress of the Mobile App World?

Max Lynch, co-founder and CEO of Ionic, often states that the vision for Ionic is to be like the WordPress for mobile. Take a look at this quote from an appearance Max made on the FlyoverLabs podcast: It’s a vision that makes a lot of sense given the success of WordPress (see point #6), and […]

Talking Progressive Web Apps with Ionic’s Justin Willis

Generally, when you build an app with a HTML5 mobile framework like Ionic, you package it with Corodva (which wraps the application in a native shell, and provides access to native APIs) and put it up on the app stores to be installed on people’s device – this is a hybrid app. Skip the part […]

Google Maps in Ionic 2

Google Maps in Ionic 2: Native or Web?

Last week I published a tutorial on using the native Google Maps SDKs in Ionic 2, and in the past I’ve created many tutorials on using the Google Maps Javascript SDK. In the last tutorial, we discussed some of the differences between using the Cordova plugin that allows us to use the native iOS and […]

An Introduction to NoSQL for HTML5 Mobile Developers

If you’ve been hanging around in web land then there’s a good chance you’ve at least heard of NoSQL. It’s a broad term that can mean a lot of different things, but at its core it refers to a database that isn’t a typical relational style database (like MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL and so on). For […]


Why Do HTML5 Mobile Apps Have a Bad Reputation?

Hybrid HTML5 mobile apps seem to get a bit of a bad rap, it’s not really justified though. If you speak to most native mobile app developers they will tell you that hybrid applications are: Only good for building quick prototypes Slower and less performant than native applications Not real mobile apps It’s not always […]

Tap Delay

How to Remove the 300ms Tap Delay in HTML5 Mobile Apps

One of the biggest telltale signs that an app was built with HTML5 rather than native (which is not inherently a bad thing, be proud your apps are built with HTML5!) is the 300ms tap delay. Any time a user taps anything within your application, the browser powering the application will wait 300ms before actually […]

Top 10 Tools

Top 10 Tools for HTML5 Mobile App Developers

I recently published a post on the lessons I learned from 3 years of HTML5 mobile app development, and during that time I’ve also discovered many tools and services that have helped me throughout various phases of the development process. There’s a few tools in here that are specific to iOS development on a Windows […]

Sencha Gravestone

Does EXT JS 6 Mean the End of Sencha Touch for Single Developers?

There’s been uncertainty over the future of Sencha Touch recently, and outrage from developers at recent licensing changes for EXT JS. During SenchaCon this April, EXT JS 6 was announced which will unify both EXT JS and Touch under a single framework and license… the EXT JS license (if you don’t know why that is bad […]

7 Lessons Header

7 Lessons from 3 Years of HTML5 Mobile Application Development

I built my first mobile application in 2012 using the Sencha Touch framework and PhoneGap Build. Since then mobile applications have become my full time focus, and I have experimented with a few different frameworks like, Phaser and more recently Ionic. I’ve been building HTML5 mobile applications for around three years now, and am […]

Tap and Learn English

HTML5 Mobile App Spotlight: Tap and Learn English

Welcome to the second post of the new HTML5 App Spotlight series. This series will bring attention to the the cool mobile applications developers are building with HTML5 technology. If you think your mobile application would be a good fit for this spotlight series, please contact me and tell me about your app. Learning to […]

Josh Morony

Announcement: Sencha Touch and PhoneGap Consulting Services

Over the years I’ve helped many mobile developers with the tutorials I write for this blog, and with my various eBooks. As my audience grows, a growing number of people are emailing me to ask for advice or for help with a problem they are having. I love this and I don’t want it to change – I want […]


Is Sencha Touch Still a Strong Choice for HTML5 Mobile Development?

TL;DR: At an enterprise level or if you plan on being employed as a Sencha Touch developer, absolutely yes. If you’re a single freelance developer, yes although there is some uncertainty around the support for single developers. Sencha Touch is currently free to use commercially and it seems unlikely that will change, but it is possible. […]

Windows + Apple

The Challenges of Developing iOS Applications on a PC

Think iOS applications can only be created on a Mac? Well I’m pleased to inform you that you are mistaken! In fact I’ve been building iOS applications on a Windows machine exclusively for more than two years. It’s quite achievable but it’s not without its challenges, in this article I summarise some of the challenges […]