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Tutorials on the Angular framework.

Ionic 4 Migration Guide

The Ionic 4 Migration Survival Guide

In the most recent Ionic Dev Newsletter, the Ionic team stated that they are fast approaching a beta release for Ionic/Angular V4, and that they are working through the last updates needed for the framework. Although there is no official date for the release, the terminology being used gives the impression that we are probably […]

Ionic 4

Using Angular Routing with Ionic 4

Recently, I published an article that talked through some of the expected changes for the upcoming Ionic 4.x release. Most of the changes that will be introduced are behind the scenes, and there won’t be that many changes required for updating your Ionic 3.x applications to 4.x. Ionic 4 has not officially been released yet, […]

Time Bar

Improving the UI/UX of an Ionic Component

In this tutorial, we are going to improve upon the flash message service that we created in the last tutorial. I offered some suggestions for improving the service at the end of that tutorial which included: Allowing for different messages styles (success, danger, warning, etc.) Displaying a bar to indicate how long the message will […]