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Building Mobile Apps with Ionic & Angular

Building Mobile Apps with Ionic and Angular

Building Mobile Apps with Ionic & Angular is an all-in-one resource for learning the latest and greatest version of Ionic. It has been updated for every major release, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re not learning outdated tech.

We start off by covering the basics of the framework in-depth, we then move on to walking through detailed example applications that cover various real-world scenarios, and then we finish off by covering building and distribution (including submission to app stores).

This is a great entry point for anybody who is just getting started with Ionic, or for people who have already started using Ionic but aren’t completely comfortable with it yet.

Elite Ionic

Elite Ionic is an online course for Ionic developers who want to move past the basics, and build complex, well tested, high performing, beautiful, and usable mobile applications with Ionic.

This course contains five separate modules that deep dive into particular topics:

  • Applying performance concepts/techniques to your applications
  • Creating automated tests and following a test driven development methodology
  • Understanding and applying user experience and user interface concerns
  • Creating your own advanced custom components and directives
  • A realistic example of building out a production quality application with authentication

This is an advanced course that is suitable for people who already have a reasonably strong understanding of Ionic.

Beginner or Advanced Ionic (Free Email Course)

I have curated some of my best free blog posts and tutorials into an email course that is delivered to your inbox. There are two tracks to this course, you can receive beginner level content and then progress onto the more advanced stuff, or you can just jump straight into the advanced stuff.

Mobile Development for Web Developers (Deprecated)

Mobile Development for Web Developers is an older eBook that covers building mobile apps with the original Ionic 1.x version and mobile games with Phaser. This book no longer receives updates, and is no longer available for sale.