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You will often see var me = this; declared in Sencha Touch applications, and for the longest time the purpose of declaring the me variable made no sense to me. The reason is what this refers to changes depending on the context of where you execute it. If we declare a variable called me at the start we can keep a […]

Video Tutorial: How to Set up PhoneGap Build in Sencha Touch

In this video tutorial we take a look at how to set up your application for PhoneGap Build. Although this specifically focuses on Sencha Touch, this is easily adaptable to any other HTML5 mobile framework (it’s pretty simple!). Enjoy! UPDATE: The way in which you should include PhoneGap Build in your Sencha Touch projects has changed. […] Release Slammed by Disappointed Developers

Update: I’ve started a ‘Getting Started with‘ series where we learn the framework together. has been hyped as a revolutionary new HTML5 framework in the mobile web scene. With their custom built JavaScript 3D rendering and physics engine, founder Steve Newcomb claimed we would see native level performance from mobile applications built with […]