The First 22 Days on the App Store

22 Days is a weird time frame I know, but I didn’t want to wait another 8 days to post this just for semantics. If you have been following my blog recently you will have heard about the Sencha Touch application I released called RunTap. You can check out that link for more information, or […]

Background Geolocation with Phonegap Build

This is why PhoneGap, and its community, are the best. I do almost all of my mobile app builds exclusively with Sencha Touch and PhoneGap Build, but it seemed that when it came to background Geolocation this wouldn’t be possible. In the first version of my RunTap application I had used the Geolocation plugin to […]

PlaceIt Image

10 Tools & Services I Use to Promote Mobile Applications

There’s a lot of ‘stuff’ that goes on around building mobile applications that doesn’t involve building the application itself. One important stage is the release and promotion of your application. I’ve found by now I have a pretty well defined process that I follow for new projects and there’s a lot of tools or services […]

Using the Cupertino Theme in Sencha Touch

You’re probably familiar with the default blue Sencha Touch theme you receive whenever you generate a new app. This provides a good starting point but most people will want to go on to alter the theme to suit their needs. It’s difficult to start from scratch however (though you can if you want) and you […]

Implementing Facebook Paper UI in Sencha Touch

You have probably heard about the introduction of Facebook’s new application ‘Paper’ and seen the video demonstration. If not you can check out the video below before reading the rest of this post: Specifically at around 00:52 there’s an innovative new UI feature introduced. The user can tilt the phone to view more of the […]

Submitting a HTML5 Application to the Amazon Appstore

After Amazon’s recent announcement that they will now accept paid HTML5 applications in their appstore, having never submitted an app to the Amazon store myself I thought I would give it a try and detail the process here. Applications submitted to the store do not have to be ones created with a HTML5 framework like […]