States in Phaser

Phaser Fundamentals: Using States in Phaser

One of the core concepts in Phaser is States. States split your game code up into logical chunks, and you progress through these states one at a time. Typically, you would have individual states for a level in your game, a title screen, a game over screen, a bonus round game, and so on. You […]

Property Binding and Event Binding in Ionic 2

Component and Template Interaction in Ionic 2

Each page in an Ionic 2 application is a component, and every component has a class definition in a TypeScript file, and an HTML template. The class and the template have a very important relationship and need to be able to communicate effectively. In this video tutorial, I introduce the concepts of Property Binding, Event […]

Hacking CSS in Ionic 2

When styling Ionic 2 applications, there are several different methods available to you. You can use Ionic’s built in utility attributes, you can overwrite SASS variables or create your own, and you can also define your own custom CSS rules. It can be hard to understand what to use and when, though. In this video […]

Git and Ionic 2

How to Use Git with Ionic 2 Projects

Git is an essential tool for developers, but it can be a bit intimidating at first. It has massive benefits even if you are just working by yourself, but once you start working in a team environment it becomes an absolute essential. In short, using Git will allow you to: Create an online backup of […]