Syncing Data with PouchDB and Cloudant in Ionic 2

In previous articles I’ve broadly covered some local storage options for HTML5 mobile applications and more recently backend options for HTML5 mobile applications. Now I’m going to get a little more specific and cover a real world example of how to use PouchDB with Ionic 2, which encompasses both local storage and remote data storage. […]

Phaser Timer

How to Create an Accurate Timer for Phaser Games

In a few of my projects I’ve been using a pretty simple timer, the general idea was I’d start off with some variable to hold the total time of the game and then create a timer loop to decrement that value. I would visually represent that somewhere on the screen (usually a bar that gradually […]

A Simple Guide to Navigation in Ionic 2

If you come from an Ionic 1 or Angular 1 background, then you would be used to handling navigation through routing with URLs, states and so on. It is actually still possible to use the old style of navigation in Ionic 2, but it’s not something I’ve paid much attention to so if you’re interested […]

Creating a Christmas Themed Game with Phaser: Part 2

In the last part of this tutorial, we started working our way through building a Christmas themed game in Phaser. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, click the link below to catch up: Creating a Christmas Themed Game with Phaser: Part 1 To quickly refresh your memory though, this is what we are trying […]

Creating a Christmas Themed Game with Phaser: Part 1

It’s holiday season, and I thought I’d get into the spirit of things with a little Christmas themed content. I’ve been putting out a lot of Ionic 2 content lately so I’ve been meaning to put out some more Phaser content and figured this would be the perfect opportunity to make a Christmas themed gamed […]

Models in Ionic 2

How to Create a Data Model in Ionic 2

A model in programming is a generic concept, and you may have come across it with common patterns like Model-View-Controller (or MVC). Depending on the context, the exact definition of a model may vary, but in general a model is used to store or represent data. In this tutorial we are going to walk through […]


Adding Custom Fonts to Your Phaser Game

I’m certainly guilty of using the default fonts in games just because it’s easier, and they certainly don’t always look out of place, but in general a custom font can add a lot to the look and feel of your game. Take a look at the before and after of this tutorial for example: Before […]

Ionic 2 Todo App

Build a Todo App from Scratch with Ionic

If you’ve been reading my beginner series of tutorials then you’ve probably seen a few example applications and had a bit of a play with Ionic. When building an app from scratch though it’s a bit more intimidating, and you’ll probably run into a few roadblocks along the way. What I wanted to do in […]