even if you've never made a mobile app before.

If you want to build powerful cross platform mobile applications with HTML5, then Sencha Touch is the solution.

"The library is really amazing. It gives developers great tools to build a diverse range of applications."

The world of mobile app development is not some secret club for the programming elite. If you can develop a website and know, or are willing to learn, some Javascript then you can start building a mobile app right now. Millions of developers are using web techonology to create high performing mobile applications across a range of platforms.

"Publishing across different platforms is where we struggled most..."

As someone new to mobile application development, Sencha Touch can be the perfect tool to bring your apps to life. It's not without its difficulties though. If you've already tried building a mobile application with Sencha Touch (or anything for that matter) you would have found yourself digging through mountains of resources online, piecing together bits and pieces of information from everywhere and often missing something critical.

There's so many different components that go into building a mobile application:

  • Setting up your work environment (XAMPP, JRE, SASS, Compass, PhoneGap, Sencha Cmd)
  • Building the application itself
  • Integrating native functionality with PhoneGap
  • Preparing icons and splashscreens
  • Creating the necessary certificates, keys and provisioning profiles
  • Creating native builds for iOS and Android
  • Submitting to different app stores

...that a mistake somewhere can put a stop to everything, and you can spend weeks trying to figure out what you've done wrong and where. It makes the whole process about 10x more frustrating than it needs to be.

How much easier would your life be if you could immediately eliminate ALL of these problems?

The path from starting a mobile app to getting it into app stores seems astronomically difficult and intimidating. It's not. All that's needed is a little guidance in the right direction to make sure you don't wander off track and miss something important. Don't get me wrong, it's certainly not easy, but you want to be spending your time learning the framework - not wasting your time on things that are not improving your skills.

Creating the certificates and provisioning profiles required for iOS development was something that scared the hell out of me. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and didn't even know if it was possible. After weeks of research, it turns out I could do it with 4 simple commands. All of that for something which ended up taking about 4 minutes.

If you were shown right from the start how to do things the right way you could:

  • Develop your application 10x faster
  • Spend more time building more apps, instead of searching for answers that don't seem to exist
  • Implement best practices that will improve your apps
  • Save yourself a lot of mental anguish and broken keyboards
Zolf Jafari

"I would like to thank you for your hard work and coming up with these Sencha Touch eBook tutorial series. It is a stepping stone for me into the world of mobile development. I have finished reading your beginners guide and now want to start with the Login System eBook." - Zolf Jafari

Follow a proven guide from development to app store

This is not a normal textbook, it is a complete guide for beginners to Sencha Touch. It's dedicated to destroying all obstacles a beginner may run into. It does not focus on teaching the ins and outs of Sencha Touch itself but rather focuses on the bigger picture and how everything pieces together - how to get from one step to the next. It follows the problems I encountered along my journey of learning Sencha Touch and I walk you through all the tricky things you need to know and point you to all the resources that I found most helpful in learning the framework such as tutorials, videos and blog posts.

Here's a glance at just some of the things you'll learn:

  • Set up the perfect development environment
  • Understand what Sencha Touch is, why it works and the best resources for learning the framework
  • Learn how to create an iOS app even without a Mac
  • Learn how to create an Android app
  • Create all the necessary certificates, provisioning profiles and keys for iOS and Android distribution
  • Integrate PhoneGap with Sencha Touch to unlock native functionality
  • Use the Facebook API in your app
  • Learn how to style your app using CSS, SASS and Compass

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Who are you?

Joshua Morony

I'm a mobile developer from Adelaide, Australia - I have co-founded a mobile development company and have been blogging about mobile development for over a year. I'm far from being the worlds leading Sencha Touch developer and certainly would not be placed into any naturally-gifted-programmer categories. I've been using Sencha Touch extensively for mobile development for over 2 years and made note of all the painful experiences along the way. This is why I can understand what it feels like for a beginner to get started learning Sencha Touch, and why I can help you build awesome mobile apps.

What do I get?

  • The full Beginners Guide to Sencha Touch eBook in PDF, Mobi and ePub formats
  • The full source code to an example application that implements what is discussed in the eBook for you to use and abuse as you wish
  • 5 Interviews with Sencha Touch experts: Mitchell Simoens, Swarnendu De, Mats Bryntse, Phil Merrell and Simon Shepherd.
Nitin Gautam

"I have a web development background and am now trying to learn mobile development. This book gives step by step details on basic pain areas for beginners like environment set-up and understanding the framework. The author also covers how to publish across different platforms in detail which is where we struggle the most - this has been very helpful." - Nitin Gautam

Table of Contents

1. Know Your Options
2. Why Sencha Touch?
3. How Sencha Touch Actually Works
4. Setting up Your Work Environment
5. Creating a New Project
6. Installing the Example Application
7. Learning the Framework
8. Using Sencha Cmd Commands
9. Testing Your Application
10. What Sencha Touch is Capable Of
11. What is PhoneGap?
12. What is PhoneGap Build?
13. Styling & Theming Your Application
14. Extending the Functionality
15. Integrating Facebook
16. Building for iOS
17. Building for Android
18. Submitting to the Apple App Store
19. Submitting to Google Play
20. Submitting to the Amazon App Store
21. Final Thoughts

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