About Me

I’m a mobile developer from Adelaide, Australia – but now my fiancée and I are trying to make it around as much of the world as we can as digital nomads. If you’re interested in following along with the travel we’re doing you should take a look at her blog.

I started out my career pretty typically: graduated from University with a degree in Software Engineering, and worked with a couple of companies and software startups. Over the years I had been working on this blog among other side projects of my own, but nothing that was big enough to commit to full-time.

Then we made a decision that I think I will always look back on as the defining moment in our lives. This blog was going well, products that I had created were making money (almost enough to be sustainable), and we had a thirst for some adventure and something a little different.

We decided to leave our stable jobs (although, not entirely for me as I did continue to do some remote freelancing) and travel around Australia for a year in a caravan.


Australia is about as big as the United States for those of you who don’t know, but it’s a whole lot emptier which made for some long drives through the middle of nowhere. The idea was to commit full time to earning money online, and see if we were able to sustain ourselves. We exceeded our expectations, and were able to make the digital nomad lifestyle more permanent.

I’ve been blogging about HTML5 mobile development for around four years now, and have been using HTML5 mobile frameworks for even longer. I started out with Sencha Touch but have since moved on to using Ionic as my main framework. I also use the Phaser framework for creating HTML5 mobile games and have played around with a few other frameworks as well.

Although all things software excite me (well, most things), I’m particularly interested in mobile applications. Being able to write software for an insanely powerful device that is so widespread and people have on them all day presents amazing opportunities. The ability to create something from virtually nothing that can affect people’s lives all over the world is really cool.

As well as software, I’ve also been interested in startups and design for most of my life (I originally intended to be a Graphic Designer). I’ve failed a lot at creating businesses in the past, but have recently started seeing a lot of success. I’m not going to pretend to be some business guru, but I do think I have some valuable thoughts to share about the experiences I’ve had, so if you are interested in the business side of things you might want to take a look at my other blog Developing Authority.

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