About Me

I’m a mobile developer formerly from Adelaide, Australia – now from all over Australia as my partner and I make our way around this great big country in a caravan (Australia is about as big as the United States for those of you who don’t know!).


I’ve been blogging about HTML5 mobile development for around three years now, and have been using HTML5 mobile frameworks for even longer. I started out with Sencha Touch but have since moved on to using Ionic and Angular as my main framework. I also use the Phaser framework for creating HTML5 mobile games and have played around with a few other frameworks as well.

My degree was in Software Engineering, but I’ve been really interested in entrepreneurship and startups since a young age so have developed a pretty decent design and business sense.

Although all things startups and software excite me, I’m particularly interested in mobile applications. Being able to write software for an insanely powerful device that is so widespread and people have on them all day presents amazing opportunities. The ability to create something from virtually nothing that can affect people’s lives all over the word is really cool.

For the most part my days currently consist of travelling, client work, exploring wherever we happen to be for the week, writing blog posts, making apps and sucking at Assassins Creed 3 (the stealthiness aspect of that game seems to elude me, I always cause such a scene).